Post-rally tour: Experience Norway!

Do you hope to experience the Norwegian nature on motorcycle when you go to the EMC Rally this year?

Norway is famous for its high mountains, deep fjords and narrow, winding roads. But if you think you will experience all this just by participating at the EMC Rally this year, you might be disappointed. Most EMC participants will probably enter the rally by driving E6 from Oslo to Kvam. This strech of road is missing the finest beads of Norwegian nature (however, riding tips for more exiting routes to the rally will be posted here on this website). For this reason, we are invitin you to come on a roadtrip from tre rally in Kvam down to Kristiansand right after the EMC Rally, leading through the scenic western coast of Norway.

We start the trip right after the rally's Sunday service, and end up in Kristiansand at the southern tip of Norway on Thursday.

This Roadtrip will be packed with great nature, good fellowship and memories for a lifetime.

  • Price: Per person - 1000 NOK, at current exchange rates this is the equivalent of 135 €
  • Currently, petrol is about 14,50 NOK per Litre, at current exchange rates the equivalent of 1,84 €

The price for the roadtrip includes all meals and accommodation.

Distance: The roadtrip is estimated to around 1000 km.

Accomodation: For accommodation, you will need a sleeping bag, a mattress and maybe a tent.

Our different chapters in Holy Riders will arrange for accommodation, simple dining, extraordinary hiking, visiting the cities of Bergen and Stavanger, as well as different other activities.


Sunday - Right after the rally's Sunday service we head west on the longest distanse of the roadtrip. We end up in Voss, where we will sleep in a local church. Along the way you can expect narrow and winding roads over a mountain pass. As we come down from the mountains you will get a great view of a section of Norway’s longest fjord, Sognefjorden.

Monday - We head to one of Holy Riders' chapters in the western part of Norway, chapter Nordhordland. Here we will stay at the farm of our former club president, Ole Kristian. We plan many activities there, including motorcross and a barbecue. His farm is only a couple of hours drive from Voss.

Tuesday – Next day we head to the city of Bergen for sightseeing, before riding on down to Stavanger. Here we will be well received by the chapter Sydvest (South West).

Wednesday – This day we have several options, including visiting the Pulpit Rock, a massive cliff overhang 604 metres (1982 feet) above Lysefjord. The top of the cliff is an almost flat plateau of approximately 25 by 25 metres (82 by 82 feet) square, and is a famous tourist attraction in Norway. It is a 3.8 km hike, and the hike takes 1-3 hours depending on experience and fitness level.

For those who would rather want to see the city of Stavanger, this will also be an option.

The Sydvest chapter is also offering a local rideout as a third option.

Thursday – We head down to Kristiansand. We choose an old coastal road which will give you an extraordinary experience of the coast of Norway. When we arrive at Kristiansand, you will meet the Sørlandet (southern) Holy Riders chapter. You can now choose to head home with the ferry to Denmark, or accept the invitation from the Sørlandet chapter to join the local Aust-Agder Holy Riders rally, who is being held the weekend of 12-14. of August.

This will be a memorable trip. So get on your bike and enjoy the ride!

If you wish to sign up for this roadtrip, or just have questions, please contact us!

Holy Riders MC, chapter Bergen:

John Gunnar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Arne Bakke This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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