Best routes to the rally

Since this is the first posting on the EMC Rally website since the tragic terror events in Oslo and on the Utøya camp, we want to thank everyone who has expressed their condolances to us as Norwegians. Some of you are also asking if under these circumstances the rally will go ahead as planned. It will. The whole nation, us included, is deeply shocked and affected by the events of July 22, but we are not prepared to let one deranged man's actions hold us down.

How do I find the rally site?

If you want to have your GPS guide you to the rally site, you can use one of the following:

  • Adress: Bygdahusvegen 11, 2642 Kvam
  • WGS 84: N 61° 39.997', E 9° 41.619'
  • WGS 84 - decimal: 61.66661, 9.69364
  • EUREF89: 6837237, 536727

Please observe: There are several places called Kvam in Norway. Make sure you have selected the right one.

You do not really need the exact address to find the rally. Just get to Kvam. The rally is directly behind the church in the middle of Kvam. There will be a white sign to Kirketeigen and a brown sign to Pilegrimstreffet from the E6 road.

Best motorcycle routes

Valdresflya - the highest point on road 51 between Fagernes and Kvam

When travelling to the rally, the most obvious option is via the main roads, namely the E-numbered roads and the roads with green road numbers. This may be an efficient way to travel, but remember that Norway's idea of a main road seldom means more than one lane in each direction - four lane motorways are only found south of Oslo and ending no more than a half hour's drive north of it. E6, the main road between Oslo and Kvam mainly offers a slow paced endless queue and lots of traffic cams and traffic police. Maximum motorway speed limit is 100, so you don't really move too fast even when the road lets you.

Instead, these suggestions will take you through the more interesting parts of Norway. Spend 1-2 hours more, not too many kilometers extra, and you will have great winding motorcycle roads, spectacluar views and possibly a moose or reindeer sighting on the way.

TIP: If you go to Google Maps and drag the yellow man above the zoom slider in the upper left corner onto the streets, you will be able to see what awaits you!

From Larvik:

Color Line takes you from Hirtshals/Denmark in 4 1/2 hours.

The "boring" route: E18+E6 through Oslo. 407 km, ca. 5 hours.

Suggested scenic route: 451 km, ca. 7 hours

  • Road 40 north. Signs towards Kongsberg, then towards Geilo. Beautiful river valley that narrows as you go upstream
  • In Rødberg, right after the bridge at the end of the small lake, turn right and follow signs to Tunhovd and Nesbyen. Narrow serpentine road with nice views the first couple of kilometers, then through green woods over the hill to Nesbyen in the next valley.
  • From Nesbyen go left on Road 7 towards Gol (signs also towards Bergen). Observe that road 7 is one of the main routes between Oslo and Bergen, and it has been given the status of "especially police controlled route". You will however only stay on this road some 20-30 minutes.
  • In Gol (with a nice stave church), take road 51 over to Fagernes. The road is some places in a bad shape at the moment, but hang in there, and you will be rewarded with the trip's probably best motorcycle curves on a very good surface as you wind down towards Fagernes.
  • In the center of Fagernes, continue to follow road 51 towards Beitostølen (it means actively taking a right in the village center, just follow the signs). You are now climbing slowly into the mountains. After Beitostølen, you will drive over the famous Valdresflya highlands, way above the tree limit, where you should watch out for reindeer - and sheep, the latter may very well be taking a nap on the cozy warm asphalt just around a bend, so watch out. You might even see snow on the highest peaks around you.
  • At Randsverk, which is just a crossroads with a kiosk, go right on road 257 towards Sjoa. You have yet some nice curvy roads to go, but you are almost there.
  • After a while you end up in a T-crossing with the E6 road. You have now actually overshooted the rally site Kvam with a couple of kilometers, so go right (south) on the E6 down to the next village, which is Kvam. You are there!

From Southern Sweden

If you enter Norway after landing in southern Sweden with a ferry, your options for a scenic ride are not as great as from Larvik. But you can treat yourself to a pretty nice, curvy country road instead of blasting through Oslo on four lanes from the border to about half an hour's ride north of Oslo, and trade concrete, traffic and congestions for some nice river and lakeside views as you go.

To make comparable routes, let us have Munkedal just north of Uddevalla, Sweden as our starting point.

The "boring" route: E6 through Oslo. 471 km from Munkedal (S), a little less than 6 hours

Suggested scenic route: 456 km from Munkedal (S), a little less than 7 hours

  • About 25 kilometers after passing the Uddevalla bridge in Sweden (large, beautiful suspension bridge on the E6) you reach your decision point. If you choose the suggested scenic route, exit from the motorway and take road 165 through Dingle northwards.
  • As you reach the norwegian border, road 165 turns into road 22. You have probably already started to enjoy the ride, but now the becomes much more curvy as you pass the Iddefjord on your way north.
  • Keep riding road 22 until you reach the E6 just north of Oslo (if you have some extra time, you might also want to concider road 21 from Halden along the swedish border further east. It will bring you even more curvy fun and might be worth the extra kilomters).
  • E6 is your best bet for the next half hour or so. But when you reach Minnesund at the southern tip of lake Mjøsa (Norway's biggest lake), the western side of the lake has much more to offer for a motorcycle rider. Take road 33 towards Gjøvik, and from there road 4 towards Lillehammer.
  • Back on the E6 north of Gjøvik, there is little more you can do than following the queue up to the rally site (If you have 2-3 hours extra to spare, you could also continue on road 33 all the way to Fagernes and continue on 51 as described on the Larvik scenic route suggestion).



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